Useful lessons from last year

Useful lessons from last year

Useful lessons from last year

More than two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to fundamentally change their operations, and leaders have had to adapt to new working conditions.

Managers are already looking to the future and all the opportunities it offers. It would be good for managers to think about the challenges they went through last year, marked by adaptation to the “new normal”, historical inflation, the transition to a hybrid model of work, and mass shifts in the workforce.

To get a better idea of ​​what leaders are focusing on in 2022, I spoke with several managers about the lessons they learned this year and how they will use them next year, Marcel Schwantz said in an author’s post. The findings and summaries of these conversations follow

Give credit to your employees and invest in their skills

“2021 presents us with significant challenges – from mass departures to labor shortages. This has forced many leaders, including me, to learn the hard way of learning to thank employees. It’s not enough to just tell your employees that you value their contribution, but also to show it through concrete actions and initiatives, “said Michael Hansen, CEO of Cengage Group, a global educational technology company. Reference: “Scandinavian leadership meets design thinking”,

According to him, investing in the careers of employees creates a culture of lifelong learning.

“By providing opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge at all levels of work, leaders show that they are committed to the long-term professional development and success of their employees. The result is more productive and loyal workers, as well as better business results, “he said.

Create a workplace led by a clear mission

“As business leaders, it is our collective responsibility to focus on those things beyond financial performance and shareholder value, setting goals focused on the well-being of our employees, communities, and the planet at large,” said Daniel Janis, CEO of Checkr.

According to him, this is not only the right approach from a moral point of view but also from a purely pragmatic point of view.

“When employees have a bigger mission to pursue, they are more cohesive and efficient in their work. It is time for us leaders to put this philosophy first, ”he said.

Be empathetic active listeners

“The last two years have taught us that the needs of employees are constantly changing.

To create a work environment that addresses everyone’s needs, leaders need to listen to our employees more often.

Looking to 2022, when many companies will move more permanently to a hybrid model of work, leaders need to maintain established channels of communication to be active listeners, “said Jeff Cates, CEO, and President of Achievers. Reference: “2021 was a challenging year for women leaders around the world”,

Cates cites the example of maintaining an open door policy and frequent conversations with employees who have a positive impact on working conditions.

“Stitches can’t afford to ignore the needs of employees and not take action that suits them,” says Cates.

Although we cannot predict exactly what will happen in the coming year, these few tips are likely to help leaders perform better in 2022, whatever it brings us.

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