Project management positions and roles in the project team

Project management positions and roles in the project team

Every project needs standard management roles and positions. The project manager is not the only representative of the team. There are still much less popular positions but just as important. Let’s introduce them one by one.

Project managers need to know all these roles perfectly. During the certified exams, you will be asked which are the popular positions in the project. You need to know them. Reference: “Project Management Training For Project Managers”,

Positions and roles in project management practices

These concepts can be considered as positions, participants, and roles in the process of managing our business projects.

The steering committee, these are stakeholders in senior positions responsible for setting goals and strategies. Project Sponsor The project sponsor is a top-level manager. He may also be the chairman of the management board/committee. He has the right and the opportunity to make strategic decisions. It can solve our problems in the absence of resources, people, funds, or negotiate at a “high level” with customers if necessary.

The project sponsor is the person who represents the project to the management of the company. He has the authority and responsibility to make direct decisions on important issues concerning the resources and budget of the project. He has the right and the opportunity to defend the positions of the project manager and his team before the top management of the company. He is the person who can quickly eliminate the problems that hinder the work of the project team.

The Project Director is the person responsible for the strategic levels of project management. He manages resources and controls finances, performance as time, and the proper spending of the budget. He controls and informs, after providing reports on performed and/or problematic work by stages of the project. It has the rights and obligation to make adjustments to funding if necessary.

He is in charge of program/project managers. The program manager is the person who manages a program of related projects from the same activity (may be considered as a department head). All project managers must report to him on their work. This role exists in both Waterfall and Agile project management practices. Reference: “Waterfall vs Agile Project Management practices”,

The Project Manager is the person who organizes the work, motivates people. His responsibilities vary according to the phase of the project. It is an advantage to have certain knowledge and to know project management methods. His competencies include the development of project documentation and work with it, good knowledge of the motivational principles and methods for evaluation of team members, as well as the ability to negotiate. For this role, it is important to control quality, implementation schedules, and project resources. The project manager must be able to interpret the business needs of the stakeholders, explain them to his team, communicate with clients if there are difficulties.

Steering committee

The members of the board of directors are stakeholders, they will provide the strategy and guidelines for the movement of the company concerning our projects. The proposed persons are people with global experience and similar type of activity, competencies, educational degree. These are people who look at our business on a large scale and comprehensively, they are informed and have the necessary business communications and vision for things to guide our company in the right direction. Reference: “Project manager vs Program manager vs Project sponsor: Differences and responsibilities”,

1. James Cooper – Project Sponsor and Chairman of the Steering Committee

Mr. Cooper has the vision and strategy for the company’s global development. He is a top-level manager, always skillfully negotiates the necessary conditions and changes with our clients. It is great for effective solutions when our resources are limited. He has a gift for speech and is economically very well prepared, with irreplaceable experience for the company, as well as its co-founder.

2. Liam James – Member of the Management Committee

Mr. James has knowledge and experience with the staff, competencies, and professional mastery of the law about his employment law. He knows the employees in the company well, can provide a correct opinion about each of our employees, and protect our employees and our company before the state institutions. He ethically and uncompromisingly complies with our European directives and legal forms regarding the LPP and others.

3. Samuel Peterson – Project Director

Mr. Peterson is a great CEO, he currently has the best experience and competencies in implementing the strategic guidelines and goals of the company. He skillfully manages to submit our reports and problems to the management, if necessary adjusts our budgets, strictly and timely monitors our schedules in the implementation of the stages of our projects.

4. George Ivan – Deputy Project Director

Mr. Ivan has exceptional experience globally as Director of Supply. It will perfectly complement the experience of Mr. Ivan, in terms of all our deliveries on projects, their proper planning, delivery, and control over their implementation.

5. Paula Christian – Program Manager

Ms. Christian is an excellent organizer and always manages to get acquainted with the project documentation in time. She has analytical thinking, makes the right and effective decisions as a product director. Her approach is successful for our business. In my opinion, he will be able to manage project programs well. She will quickly distribute the tasks to the project managers and will always be informed about the progress and results of each of the projects. Reference: “Project management roles and positions”,

6. Gabriel Smith – Project Manager

My task is to organize the work of colleagues in the team, to motivate them to work effectively and purposefully. My responsibilities will vary depending on the phase in which our project will be.
Mastering certain knowledge and methods of project management will be useful to me. My competencies include the development of project documentation and work with it, good knowledge of the motivational principles and methods for evaluation of colleagues in the team, as well as the ability to negotiate.

I must be able to control the quality and implementation schedules promptly, as well as the project resources.
I am required to have a good interpretation of the business needs of the stakeholders so that I can easily present them to the team so that I can communicate with the clients if there are any difficulties. Reference: “Project Management roles” (,

7. Samantha Robertson – Deputy Project Manager

Ms. Robertson is an ideal member of the team and at the same time a good, complementary deputy project manager. She has a professional ability to present things clearly and understandably to the people she communicates with. It will be extremely useful in presenting the projects to the team and for communication with our clients during the project phases. She is well acquainted with many years of experience in advertising management and marketing policies of our company.

It will be very useful with its competencies in the project team, especially in the approaches and application of the latest project phases in bringing our product to consumer and target groups, in different market segments. Her experience will be well appreciated in our pre-project analyzes and preliminary assessments of the planning and design phase.

I remain available for further questions or if necessary to discuss my proposed roles.

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