Human resource management plan in project management practices

A human resource management plan is an important initial step in starting a project, and every project manager should be well aware of its idea and able to create such a plan.

Human resources management is an important part of the project. The Human Resource Management Plan is a tool that will help manage HR activities throughout the project until its completion. The Human Resources Management Plan shall include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of team members during the project
  • Project organization schedules
  • Personnel management plan including:
  • How resources will be acquired
  • Resource schedule/skillset
  • Training needed to develop skills
  • How the performance reviews will be conducted
  • Recognition and rewards system

The purpose of the Human Resource Management Plan is to achieve the success of the project, ensuring that the appropriate human resources are acquired with the necessary skills and resources if any skills gaps are identified and training is drawn up.

Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the project are essential to success. All team members must clearly understand their roles and responsibilities in order to successfully fulfill their part of the project. The following roles and responsibilities of the project team have been identified:

Project Manager

Responsible for the overall success of the washing machine project. The Project Manager responds that the work activities meet the eligibility criteria and fall within acceptable differences. The project manager will be responsible for reporting the status of the project in accordance with the communications management plan. The project manager will evaluate the work of all project team members and report their performance to the functional managers. The project manager must have the following skills: leadership/management, project funding. budgeting, planning, and effective communication.

Design Engineer

Responsible for collecting requirements for developing the design of the machine and drawing it a software program.

Training Lead

Responsible for training all project resources for the washing machine. Training Lead will coordinate training times/locations with each department manager. Training Lead will provide project manager training status in accordance with the project communications management plan.

Functional manager

The Functional Manager is responsible for the project manager’s job of defining the required skill set and approving tasks. Functional managers are also responsible for assessing the performance of assigned resources based, in part, on project manager feedback on project implementation.


The developers will aim to develop the software part of the washing machine. They will need Java, C ++, JavaScript programming skills.

Mechanical engineers

They will aim to work on the design of the machine itself and its production.

Below we can list other positions that are included in the project such as Project sponsor, Project Director, Program Manager.

Quality Manager

The quality manager is responsible for creating the Quality management plan and leading the quality control and assurance activities during the project development phases.

Organizational characteristics of the project

The RACI chart should show the relationship between the project tasks and the team members. Any proposed changes to project responsibilities must be reviewed and approved by the project manager.

Personnel management


For the project, the staff will consist entirely of internal resources. There will be no contracting under this project. The project manager will negotiate with managers and department heads to identify and assign resources in accordance with the organizational structure of the project. All resources must be approved by the appropriate department manager before the resource begins to work on the project.


No training is currently planned on the washing machine project, as the organization has the right staff with the required set of skills. However, if training requirements are identified, funding will be provided from the project reserve.

Performance review

The project manager will review the assigned work activities of each team member at the beginning of the project and will announce any job expectations that need to be fulfilled. The project manager will then evaluate each team member during the project to evaluate their effectiveness and how effectively they perform their assigned work. Before releasing project resources, the project manager will meet with the appropriate department manager and provide feedback on project implementation to employees. Managers will then perform a formal review of the performance of each team member. If the resources did not perform well again we will use the CAPA model to deal with the problems.

Recognition and awards

Although the scope of this project does not allow for cash prizes, there are several planned positions for recognition and awards for project team members.
After the successful completion of the innovative washing machine project, a party will be held, which will mark the success of each team member with the families of the team members present.

Upon successful completion of the project, any team member who satisfactorily completes all assigned processes on time will receive a thank you certificate from the Executive Director.

Team members who successfully complete all their assigned tasks will take their profiles for inclusion in the company newsletter.
The company will provide free family movie tickets for the top two performers on each part of the project.

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