Daily Scrum meeting: problems, questions and answers

The Daily Scrum event is one of several official events from the popular Scrum process management framework and development approach.

The article presents practical situations and reactions related to the Daily Scrum meeting. This event is attended by the Development team, Scrum Master, and possibly the Product Owner role, but with some conditions. The event is similar to the Sprint Review but focuses just on the previous day’s work. Reference: Scrum Sprint Review meeting Questions and Answers, policymatters.net

We present common problem situations and their reactions. All answers to the problems are presented from the point of view of the Scrum Master role in the team. Representatives of the Development team or the Product Owner role would probably have other answers to these problems. As Scrum requires team members to be responsible, even the Developers, the Scrum Master teach everyone organization and proactively. Reference: Professional Scrum Master vs Professional Scrum Developer, stc-montreal.org

The meeting starts and a member of the Development team starts asking questions to the other participants. Much depends on the nature of the questions and how extensive answers they want.

Scrum Master replies: I would rather ask everyone to stick to the short and concise format of our meeting and for everyone to share what has already been done, what they assume they will do today, and what would hinder them, if any. More detailed talks on a specific project will be discussed after this short meeting. Reference: Scrum problems, causes of failure and mistakes, phron.org

You receive an email from the marketing department upstairs. As they do not know where the Daily Scrum meeting is, they ask you to show it to them in advance so that they are not late.

Scrum Master answers: There is a condition here, in general, it does not make sense that they have received an invitation, given that they do not participate in the Scrum process. But considering that they have already received one, we interpret that the team and I need their representative and I politely provide them with the time and place of our meeting. Reference: Problems of the Scrum Master role with the Sprint Review and Scrum Sprint Retrospective meetings, nebraskasocialstudies.org

A representative of your client is on a business trip to your office, but only for a very short time. He will leave early in the morning tomorrow. 15 minutes before your meeting, a team member asks you to call him so that he can provide as much important information as possible while he is here.

Scrum Master answers: I will try to explain to him that we do not have such a practice of outsiders (outside the Scrum team) attending our daily meetings. Such a visit hides a lot of pitfalls, the team would be embarrassed, the client would try to give directions and rhythm to the meeting. Any more detailed information can then be requested by me or the Product Owner.

Your colleague is late for your Daily Scrum meeting and has sent the following email with answers to the usual team questions.

Scrum Master answers: If it is something unique and not tendentious, it would be understandable. I would just ask him to share if there are any unknowns or something important that he will work on today and to concern work so that the team can be informed.

I will emphasize that it is good to be all together so that everyone is equally informed, as he is now aware of their daily tasks, but not them of his, for example.
“Hello! Yesterday I was working on recovering the user password. It is not ready yet and I am continuing today. I think I will succeed by the end of the day.

I encountered several problems, but I got around them quite flexibly” Ivan shared how you managed to get around would be very useful for the team and also for the Product Backlog? The Product Owner needs to support the entire team as he is the master product representative of the Scrum team. Reference: The product owner is king, CIO.com

During your Daily Scrum meeting, a colleague tells the others:
“Yesterday I was working on uploading a profile picture for users. Today I will create several automated tests with different common situations to make sure there are no problems. It turned out that the test server does not have libraries installed for all supported photo file formats. I will go down to the Development Operation colleagues today and ask them to put them on, and then I will tell you. In the meantime, know that you may encounter this problem as well. “

Scrum Master answers: It sounds good and quite informative, but I would do my best to have a representative of each team in the team that we need to complete the project. It would be strange why there is no Dev at our meeting at the moment. Such situations would slow down the sprint in general, but they are likely to happen. Such retransmission also hides opportunities for missed information, another type of error that can affect the overall process.

During your Daily Scrum meeting, a colleague tells the others:
“Yesterday I was in the designers’ room to discuss the graphic elements for the next sprint. Today I will integrate all the icons in the registration form.

Scrum Master replies: I think there will be a small problem, but I will manage “What is the problem, what decision will it take? Transparency and awareness will always be useful to us.

Your Product Owner comes to your Daily Scrum meeting just before it ends and politely asks everyone to repeat what they have shared, because after a while he will meet with a representative of the client who has asked him for an up-to-date development situation.

Scrum Master answers: It would not be a good practice, but I would not make each of the team share everything that has been said, and I will brief it specifically for what is needed for the specific development. Reference: What makes a good Product Owner and what do they do?, scrumtime.org The Product Owner doesn’t have to be at every meeting though, and it’s nice to be given the information he needs. It will be a plus for us if the customer we are well informed. Reference: Product Owner role in Scrum and real problem situations, vbprojects.org

Just before your Daily Scrum meeting, your director sent you the following email:
“Hello! Can colleagues from another department come to your daily team meeting to observe how your Scrum events are going? I promise they won’t interfere in any way.”

Scrum Master answers: This is definitely not a practice in our team and in the Scrum process as a whole. There are many reasons why the presence of people outside the team, not focusing on the team, worrying about others, extending the time for the meeting, etc. are not practiced. I would definitely be happy to share with the interested team how we proceed in a separate meeting with them. Scrum is not Kanban so meetings can be easily arranged. Reference: Kanban methodology vs Scrum framework, libraryofmu.org

One of the members of the Development team asked your product owner to attend the meeting to share important information, but the others are strongly against, as they believe that your Product Owner will understand important details about how they are implemented and this will disrupt Development. their harmony.

Scrum Master answers: It would be embarrassing that some of the team would not want him to be present, I will explain to them that he is part of our team with a very key role. Reference: Scrum Master issues related to the Sprint Review event. I will definitely ask what is so secret, the way, the ways should be clear and visible to all of us. This can definitely be useful for him in subsequent conversations with our client. I would invite the Product Owner to our meeting.

Daily Scrum your meeting is running. Tomorrow is the last day of the sprint. A few User Stories remain unfinished, which are absolutely certain that they cannot be completed by tomorrow.

Scrum Master answers: We will prioritize them so that they are at the top of our tasks for the next one (if the time for the next one allows). Reference: Scrum problems with questions, answers, and explanations from the point of view of Scrum Master, ossalumni.org I would seek information on what led to this delay in order to prevent it in the future. We will say which of the unfinished ones has the highest priority and we will try to finish them in the little time we have left. Reference: Real Scrum problems of the Scrum Master role during the Daily Scrum meeting, mpmu.org

A member of the Development team says that he tried all day yesterday to speed up the answers to your client’s marketing department. They take too long to answer and do not send him the information he needs to complete his work.

Scrum Master answers: I will thank him for the shared problem and I will direct him in such cases to comment on it in front of the team. This will be beneficial for everyone, as they will be aware of where there may be a problem or delay, it will be assessed to what extent it will affect other services, etc. Good relationships are important in every development process as Kaizen teaches us. Scrum, as an Agile framework, should support the old Japanese Kaizen believes (Reference: Every Scrum Master must know the Kaizen principles, wikipedia-lab.org) so we need to respect out Developer and the marketing team as well.

Product Owner would take immediate action and respond more quickly by asking the customer for the information he needs. However, this is also our role to help the team and to present everything necessary for the smooth process of work.

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