Change Management Plan Example

Change Management Plan Example

Creating a Change Management Plan is a mandatory step in project management practices. It is the responsibility of the project manager to define the Change Management process.

In this article, we present an example Change Management Plan. You can use this material for your academic or professional needs. However, in a real environment, if you are managing a real project, you will probably need to change your document. Use this article for reference and support only.

Real Example of Change Management Plan

A change in the project is any deviation from the planned, specified, and accepted processes and requirements for the specific project, defined in its scope. Reference: “Sample Change Request Form: Real example for project managers” by Samantha Rhine, 2020, The change may be the result of a request from the client or senior management in the Organization at a particular stage of project implementation, possibly affecting project constraints. The changes may be a consequence of new or dropped requirements, the need for corrective action as a result of finding deviations, eliminating errors. Reference: “Project Change Management Plan, a real example and template” by Liam James, 2020,

The desire to make changes in the process of development of the project “Innovative washing machine” by the contracting authority is entered in the approved form for a request for change, which is part of the project documentation.

The change request form may be submitted by hand or electronically to the Office of the Organization. Each change request is given an incoming number and the date and time of submission are recorded so that there is clear traceability of the request path. The content of the change request must contain contact details and feedback from the sender. Reference: “Change Management Plan”, (

Give the highest priority for processing the Form for a request for a change in the project, received in the office, compared to the other requests for change for the same project or other parallel projects.

The right to submit a Form for a request for change on the part of the assignor has a Project Manager on behalf of the client or the person who replaces him in his absence, and his authorization is to submit a request for any degree of change, which may be small, large, critical or trivial. This is the right of the Client. Reference: “Change management and quality” by Davis Timothy, Wider Europe ISSN 2563-1527, 2020,

Each form of a change request is addressed to the attention of the Project Manager.

Depending on the extent of the requested change, the approach to the processing of the request by the project manager is tailored to the reasons for the requested change, the importance of the information related to it, the events that will be affected, and the consequences of what should be changed the project. Reference: “Procurement Management Plan Example (in project management practices)”,

The criticality in the project development stage is determined by the degree of impact of the change on the project constraints. The limitations of the project are everything that limits the capabilities of the project team. Limitations may be the scope of the project itself, the deadlines set, the pre-set budget, the quality requirements, the resources provided for the implementation of the project, and possible risks that will affect its implementation.

To get a clear idea of ​​whether the requested change will have a negative or beneficial effect on the project, the project manager should allow the team to be involved in the assessment of its impact on all project constraints. Reference: “Change Management Plan – Real Sample Document, Example”,, 2019 Vol. 2 PolicyMatters ISSN: 1941-8280

The change of the project goes through a process of approval. Depending on the scope of the project, deadlines, budget, resources, and other determining factors, the approval is relevant to different operational levels in the Organization and roles in the project. The approval process will take some time, during which the teams will not commit to work until the change is approved. The customer must be notified and be patient to wait for the approval.

Approval of the change request

Once the approval of the requested change is a fact, the request for the change will be analyzed by the teams. Based on the analyzes, new planning of all resources, time, budget, and everything necessary will be made, different from the originally planned. Reference: “Change Control and Configuration Management in Project Management practices”, 2019,

Only then will the client be offered the new parameters for the required additional time and resources. Confirmation of the proposal to make the requested change in the form of a response from the client will be expected.
It will be necessary to re-evaluate the values ​​of the volume of work performed, the input raw materials, and the additional time required to perform all activities performed to carry out the requested change. After calculating the costs, the client will be asked to sign an Annex to make a change to the project. Procurement management and practices may also need strict contracts. Read more: “Project lifecycle – a real-life example from a project management course”,

If confirmation of the change is received, in practice the time schedules will be revised, new work plans will be approved, adjustments will be made in the teams and the processes will be adapted according to the approved request for change of the project.

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